Many people believe that a huge amount of money is required for formal education. That is true but up to a certain extent. Many volunteers, including the founder of Sri Annapurna Charitable Trust, from below poverty line families completed their education independent of their parent’s money. They completed and are completing their formal education entirely through scholarships. There are many organizations ready to give financial aid to economically backward students. But the data about these organizations and scholarships were not reaching many needy students. Team Scholarships searches and notifies about scholarships available for a student, their eligibility criteria, and the application process to the needy students. WAYCT wrote a book named Bhavishya. The book contains details of various career opportunities available to a student after class 10 and scholarships available to students in different stages of student life. The Scholarships team and the team Bhavishya visit schools, explain the different scholarships available for the students and help them apply to the scholarships.